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Check if you can become a british citizen

Learn about everything you need to know about moving to America from the UK — from essential steps to visas. The culture is different, yet similar. The language has its quirks, sure, but it is English, no doubt about it. The Land of the Free beckons to thousands of Brits each year yet, with many more dreaming of making that journey across the pond.

Moving overseas is not a task to be undertaken lightly. There are a lot of things to do and a lot of elements of the relocation to manage take a look at our guide to the stages of an international move.

It is recommended that you hire an international relocation company to assist you in your move to America from the UK. International relocation services, such as us here at Gerson Relocation, can help sort the fundamentals like planning, customs, dates and shipping, as well as more personal move elements, such as finding schools, renting accommodation and just generally settling in. The complexities of a move to the States may seem daunting when dealing with the relocation independently. However, when backed up by a relocation company that specialises in international moves, a service that can offer you the support, guidance and project management you need, the whole process becomes much simpler — and a lot less stressful.

Still, they must be done.

Working in the us

To secure a stable future in your new nation, time must be invested in sorting the essentials and basics of life. Here are a few things that require attention before you move to America:. This can slightly vary in some parts of the country, but is the general rule.

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Further reading: You may also like to read this article on the key stages of an international move process. To live permanently and work with the United States, you must have the correct type of visa. This can be a long process, so we suggest you get started on getting your immigration sorted as early as possible. Many cases can take over a year to be fully processed and accepted.

U.s. citizenship

When looking to acquire a visa to enter the US to work and live permanently, there are a few options for British nationals. Here are the most commonly gained types of visa:.

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Your options at that point would be a non-permanent visa or to work prior to retiring and gaining citizenship within that period. When moving to America, Brits often get carried away with the practicalities of life. Then, once there, it becomes all about the experience.

The travel; the sights and sounds; soaking up the culture. Yes, the mountains, the open ro, the big meals and staggering cities are worth experiencing, but so are the little joys in life, too. Do the things you would back home. Go to community events, sports clubs, get involved in local pursuits, meet people and become part of the landscape.

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The excitement of moving to the USA can be all you need to sustain yourself at first, but as you start to settle in, most will start to experience some form of homesickness. Try to think about moving to the US as a Brit becoming a member of their new country. You may also be interested in our Moving to Canada Guide.

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Gerson Relocation safely remain open for business! Average customer rating: 4. Find a Relocation Company Moving overseas is not a task to be undertaken lightly. Wondering about how to move to the USA from the UK and think you might need the assistance of an international moving company like Gerson Relocation? Here are a few things that require attention before you move to America: Learning the language: Throughout the US, the official language is English.

Anyone moving to the United States who does not speak English is likely to encounter considerable trouble when it comes to daily life and communicating with their new neighbours.

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Once you reach America, you can approach a public school, college or local organisation that can help you learn the language. You can also learn to speak American English before you move through any of online courses. Time zone: As a country that has considerable land mass, there are actually four different time zones within the United States. Storage : Moving abroad for the short term means you may not want to take all your belongings with you.

Even if you are moving abroad long-term, taking everything you own at once — possessions it has taken you a lifetime to acquire — might be too much hassle. The way you acquire property can also depend on your visa type which we will discuss later and how long you are in the country. Get on top of property and accommodation early to save yourself any headaches later on. Insurance : Healthcare in the USA is a controversial subject. Get your insurance early to avoid any problems.

It is similar to a National Insurance NI in the UK, and allows the government to track the wages of individuals for taxation and benefits.

What british people in really thought of american independence

Read up on the processes and procedures and follow them to the letter. Get vaccinations, pet passports and arrange transport. While most banks are international, your British and card will incur fees for overseas use. Setup a US bank as early as possible.

How to move to the usa from the uk: your essential guide

This will save you time and allow for easier transactions when sorting other items on your list, like property and insurance. At Gerson Relocation, our services cover everything, including help finding property, sorting insurances and moving your pet. If a US-based business applies for you to work for them, you are likely to be allowed to move.

This means agreeing to a job before moving — and also finding work!

In order to do this, you must fit within very specific criteria. The best way to become eligible to apply is to gain a degree — having a masters or PhD improves your chances — and working in the field for at least five years.

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To gain a work visa without sponsorship, you effectively have to prove your value to the US working community. You are also more likely to gain entry if your profession fits under the list of skill shortages. Family: If a member of your family is a citizen of the United States, you may be able to apply for a visa with their support.

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Family visas are a pretty stable way of gaining permanent entry to the United States, although they take long periods of time to acquire. These processes are quicker if you are of the person in question, or are marrying them. This allows you a bit more time to find somewhere suitable to live longer term at the source.

To Rent or Buy? To purchase a house in America is actually quite straightforward, though you will be required to submit certain documentation like US Tax Returns and a strong credit history. Most but definitely not all bustling metropolitan areas have a fair to strong public transport infrastructure, but the same cannot be said for more rural or suburban areas.

This can be done in one of two ways: first, you can obtain an IDP International Drivers Permit from your home country. What so many fail to do is integrate. Need a bit of help integrating and adapting to your new American home?

Our area orientation programs can help you do exactly that. Become a real member of your community and learn all about your new home. Lucia St. Share via. Copy Link. Powered by Social Snap. Copy link.

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