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Hi, I am also looking for friends. Want to talk any topics with somebody. I am 3 years now in Germany. Want to improve my english or Deutsch because the time I learned German, right now I do not know which language I am good, Sometimes mixed. I am also a Mommy with 2. Hello, I am new here and Living in Hilden near Dusseldorf.


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For rent in frankfurt am main

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Details here. So obviously I'll need a play to stay in. Could you recommend me a couple of neighbourhoods? Someone told me to stay away from the Hauptbahnhof area. I checked Google Maps and I saw. Or should I just try to find a place in Sulzbach which seems to be mind-blowingly boring, and I come from Istanbul, so I'd like to have a bit of activity around me if possible.

Hi, I am a native Frankfurter and here is my advise. I assume you do not want to depend on a car and you are young below 35? Limespark is along the S3 train line.

So you should look for some place close to a station served by S3 trains You are right, Sulzbach is a boring suburb. You"ll be buried there.

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Hauptbahnhof area also called Bahnhofsviertel is maybe not an area with good reputation but it is lively, has a lot of bars and shops and is definitely the most colorful area of Frankfurt. If you don't mind having prostitutes and drug addicts hanging around your neighborhood actually not really dangerous but maybe a bit annoying than I would say - why not. It actually becomes hip to stay there. Bockenheim S3 Westbahnhof is another good bet.

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It is a students quarter with related infrastructure bars, shops, etc. Roedelheim, well, that"s already a bit far out of town.

Not really bad but definitely more remote than Bockenheim. Gallus S3 Galluswarte is another option but less lively but closer to the action than Roedelheim. Hoechst is also an option, at least close to Sulzbach but it is not Frankfurt city. It is actually a town on it"s own administration wise it belongs to Frankfurt, god knows why with an OK infrastructure.

I lived there long time ago, but well, not my piece of cake. Gallus looks good too, found a couple of flats at immobilienscout24 that are not too small and without an outrageous rent to pay for, and close to the main train station. One question: how long does it take for S3 to reach Sulzbach from the Hbf? Google Maps claims it is 20 minutes. That looks about right. I live in Eschborn which is between Sulzbach and Frankfurt and have to say that living in Sulzbach is pretty much ok. I am 31 and feel not burried in Eschborn.

If I want to go out, I walk 10 minutes to the station and be in the centre 15 minutes later. I live in the so called Europaviertel which is right next to Gallus. Numerous apartments are being built right now so there should be lots of flats for rent.

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It is, however, more expensive than Gallus. Me personally, I don't like Gallus as there are often shady people on the streets. So depending on your budget, Europaviertel may be an alternative to think about. I don't really know much about Frankfurt, so I'll pass on places where there are too many pimps, whores, drug addicts, serial killers, and what not :P At least for the moment. Very good suggestions, guys. I'll check these places out. Eschborn seems to fit the bill quite nicely.

First time I've heard about Europaviertel; thank you for the recommendation. Haha, I moved here from the north and quickly learned that actually nearly every neighbourhood beside 4 Sachsenhausen, Nordenend, Westend, Bornheim are beeing considered as "no good". Personally I enjoy living in Eschborn, small town character with good connections, all shops, restaurants, doctors ect. If I need something from the city hall, I am not waiting but waiving hello to the people behind the desk immediatly.

Eschborn is a pretty rich place, due to all the companies having their offices here, the Stadtkasse is fuller then full.

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Not only is the city well maintained and clean, but also there is low tax on waste disposal, no tax for dogs, free kindergarten ok, that does not matter to me and you and free library. Good place for me since I am beyond my 3 times per week partying. This topic has been locked by a moderator. All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. No worries. Hey guys, Hope you all are doing fine. I have just found a job with a German company; the office that I will be working is at Am Limespark, Sulzbach….

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The 9 most boring cities in the world

Yeah, good guesses. And I have also noticed "Eschborn".

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Looks a bit livelier compared to Sulzbach itself. I included the english version of their. Let me know if you need more help, I am happy to help you out.

Finding fun in frankfurt – germany’s capital of boring?

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B ig business, banks, boring.


That said, an open-minded traveler can find the fun in any boring place.