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WVEA! American teenagers spend an "astounding" nine hours a day with digital technology, entertaining themselves with streaming video, listening to music and playing games, researchers reported Tuesday. And "tweens" aged 8 to 12 are spending six hours with media, the non-profit group Common Sense Media reports.


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Happiness is a state of mind or a mood. Wellbeing comes from physical, mental and emotional health. Rules and boundaries Clear and fair rules help teenagers feel safe when a lot of things in their lives are changing.

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Mental and emotional health Good mental and emotional health is important for teenage wellbeing. A positive focus If your child can notice and appreciate the good things in their life, your child is more likely to feel positive.

Teens spend 'astounding' nine hours a day in front of screens: researchers

You can be grateful for all sorts of things, like being together at dinner, the sun shining, farmers getting the rain they need, having good health, being part of a great group of friends and so on. You can encourage your child by helping them find activities they might be interested in.

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Relationships and social connections Relationships and social connections are vital for teenage wellbeing. Your child needs close and supportive family and friends.

Celebrating national teenager day

And good parent-child relationships tend to lead to good teenage friendships. Meaning in life Meaning in life can come from doing good things for others.

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Or your child could get involved in community activity. Meaning might come from spirituality, life philosophy, or a commitment to a cause like the environment.

How to create healthy routines for teens during the age of coronavirus

People with meaning have less stress and get more out of what they do. Goals and achievement If your child has goals that fit with their values, are fun and attainable, and let your child use their strengths, it can give your child a sense of purpose and achievement.

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Teenage happiness and wellbeing Happiness is a state of mind or a mood. Praise, encouragement and positive attention Give your child praise when they behave in ways you want to encourage, like helping out, doing chores or getting homework done. Give your child attention.

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For example, go to watch your child playing sport, send your child a friendly text message or just give them a special smile or hug. Encourage your child to try new things.

Boosting teenage happiness: tips

This helps your child feel good about themselves and might stop your child comparing themselves with other people. Healthy lifestyle Encourage good sleep habits : teenagers need about hours of sleep each night.

Help your child aim for at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Encourage your child to make healthy food choices to fuel their growth and development. Help your child keep a healthy balance between study, work and play. This might mean looking at how many nights your child is out doing things, how much down time your child has, how much your child can contribute to family life through chores, how many family meals you have together and so on.

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Family relationships Share and make memories together. Make time to talk about individual and family successes. For example, you could try going around the table at family meals and giving everyone a turn at sharing something that went well for them during the day. Establish and maintain family rituals.

For example, cook pancakes on Saturday mornings, watch special movies together, go for milkshakes after school on Fridays and so on.

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Boosting teenage wellbeing: tips Here are some ideas for fostering different aspects of teenage wellbeing.

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COVID has turned our worlds upside down.


Parents can play a vital role in helping teens succeed in school by being informed and lending a little support and guidance.


That means you get to celebrate two amazing things at once: the magic of Spring, and the joy of teenagers.