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Jonathan Hickman's X-Men relaunch has stirred a lot of feelings in the loins of horny X-Men fans, particularly when it comes to the relationship between Scott Summers, Jean Grey, and Wolverine. X-Men 1 revealed that the trio share connected rooms in the Summers family compound on Krakoa, leading to speculation that the three could be Marvel Comics' first throuple. It's laid out, after all, in the logo for the new Wolverine solo ongoing….


When one thinks of Wolverine, one automatically thinks of violence, mystery, savagery, and… romance? When Logan first laid eyes on this red-haired mutant, he instantly fell claws over heels. As Wolverine and Jean Grey grew closer, passion turned to admiration and Wolverine fell in deep love with his comrade-in-arms.

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As we said, Wolverine has buried many lovers, but poor Jean was buried more than once. Ad — content continues below.

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Man, that Jean Grey stuff was depressing, but happy days, the Wolverine-Storm romance has not ended in death and heartbreak. Wolverine and Storm shared a few lip locks in the early days of their tenures as X-Men, but things got downright steamy after Storm divorced Black Panther. Yeah, Wolverine was a big time rebound for the weather goddess, which might explain why, unlike so many Logan lovers, she lived to tell the tale.

The Mystique-Wolverine romance is the very definition of an unhealthy relationship.

On one side you have a killer mutant with questionable memories of his past and a history of love affairs that ended tragically, and on the other hand, you have an immoral shape shifter who thrives on psychological torture. In the must read Get Mystique story arc by Jason Aaron, it is revealed that Mystique and Wolverine have had a love affair that stretched all the way back to the s. They once even led a gang of crooks in Mexico and were the Bonnie and Clyde of the mutant set until fate tore them apart.

Logan and Mystique are sometime lovers, sometime rivals, but always steamy and troubled. This one is purely physical.

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Domino is one of the most dangerous women in the Marvel Universe, and, Wolverine, is well, short, feral, and always horny. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! Mariko is a demure and refined Japanese aristocrat who also happens to be the daughter of a crime lord.

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To spare Mariko the pain, Logan killed his beloved, but his revenge was legendary. This has been going on for a very long time. Silver Fox was a Native American woman who Wolverine fell in love with in the early part of the s. Oh, it goes there and then it goes a few steps further into horror when she was raped and killed by Sabretooth. In the modern era, Wolverine finds her alive and a member of Team X, an elite team of mutants and super powered mercenaries.

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And then dies. And this is just confusing and depressing. How can a little hairy guy living in a cabin with a beautiful woman become some mind-numbingly confusing and tragic? This one might be a bit unsettling for fans of the X films.

But in the comics, not so much.

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You see, there was a time when the X-Men encountered a space being known as the Golgotha. When Wolverine and Rogue were exposed to Golgotha, it is revealed that there was a deep seated desire between the two legendary mutants.

They engaged in some lip wrestling that was equal parts hot and steamy and all around creepy. You have to wonder if Jackman and Paquin know about this. In What If? We all know from Jean Grey that Logan has a thing for redhe, and Red Sonja is the most badass, deadly redhead in comic history. In the MC2 Universe the same alternate reality that gave the world Spider-GirlWolverine and Elektra get married and have a daughter.

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No wonder she has died like six thousand times. For a time, the two were very happy together, and Itsu even became pregnant. I think you see where this is going. One day, Logan returned home to find Itsu dead and the baby torn from her womb.

What tomorrow's x-books tell us about the sex lives of cyclops, wolverine, and marvel girl [spoilers]

It turns out that Itsu was killed by none other than the Winter Soldier. The baby was not truly lost, and grew up to become the villainous Daken. Longing, rusted, furnace, daybreak, seventeen, benign, nine, homecoming, one, freight car, indeed! She was a former employee of the Weapon X program, but later in life, Maureen fell in love with Wolverine and the two settled down and had two. Due to his violent past, Wolverine vowed never to pop his claws again.

But Logan and Maureen lived in a broken world, where groups of super villains took over, and a violent group of thugs known as the Hulk Gang a gang of killer redneck Hulks, duh demanded protection money from the Logan family. The former Wolverine went on a quest to collect the money, but when he returned home, he found that the Hulk Gang had killed Maureen and the kids because they were bored. Believe me, there was some snikt action after that. Hey, this one worked out okay!

Yukio is one of the greatest assassins and warriors in Japan. She and Logan have been rivals as wells as lovers, and while their relationship is more casual than some of the others on this list, over time the two honorable killers built a trusting kinship. Plus, when Wolverine has to go kill, like, thousands of ninjas, he can always give Yukio a call. Fans even got to meet Yukio in The Wolverine film. You see, Viper blackmailed Wolverine into marrying her so she could become the leader of the criminal empire of the lawless state known as Madripoor.

Wolverine had no choice but to tie the knot, even going as far as obeying when she demanded they consummate the marriage. As she was bleeding out, Wolverine offered to exchange divorce for medical attention and Wolverine was a single man once again.

Logan: wolverine’s tragic love life

The Native was another creation of the Weapon X program. After she escaped, Sabretooth manipulated Wolverine into track her down.

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During the hunt, Wolverine began to have latent memories of a once romantic relationship with Native during his Weapon X days. After Logan finds her, Native shows him some drawings of the two feral killers as lovers.

Wolverine and Native renew their romantic bond and Native even becomes pregnant. Until—say it with me now—Sabretooth kills Native.

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Young Logan loved Rose, but Rose felt only deep friendship for Logan. She marries another and lives a happy life as the wife of a camp foreman. At least poor Rose can take heart that she started a trend—a really bloody and heartbreaking trend. She is a reporter that begun a romance with Wolverine after he saved her from a group of muggers. Their professional relationship soon blossomed into a romance that was…surprisingly normal and healthy. It all ended when Melita received a package in the mail containing photographs of Logan making love to Yukio.

The pictures were actually of Mystique morphed into Yukio, but the impact was the same. Melita called it quits, but happily, she lived to tell the tale of her romance with Wolverine. The love between Logan and Herc became the emotional center of the short lived X-Treme X-Men series, and it was a fun romance to behold. Charlemagne was an ex-KGB agent that had a torrid romance with Wolverine.

When the KGB came out in force to take her down, Charlemagne knew that she would be tortured to death and begged Wolverine to kill her before she is captured.

Wolverine stabs her with his claws but flinches. The tough as nails Charlemagne was suffering and begs Wolverine to end it all, at this inopportune moment, Spider-Man shows up and prevents Wolverine from delivering the killing blow. During the fight, Charlemagne snuck up on Spidey who lashes out and kills her with one shot. It was a tragic moment not only for Spider-Man, but for Wolverine as well, as he loses another love. Tyger Tiger is an on-again, off-again lover of Logan who also rules the criminal underworld of Madripoor.

Wolverine allows Tyger to continue her operations because he knows she will keep the lawless nation free of sex slavery, hard drugs, and terrorism.

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Wolverine has helped Tyger protect her empire, and whenever the crime lord and the mutant hero make the beast with two backs, Wolverine and Tyger Tiger burn bright in the darkness of the night. That there was a highfalutin literary joke in case you thought we only did poop and dick jokes around here. Gahck is the chief of a Savage Land tribe known as the Tribe of Fire. For those not in the know, the Savage Land is a place in the Marvel Universe where many different tribes live amongst dinosaurs and other long extinct creatures. So Wolverine meets and falls for the beautiful and wild Gahck and they become lovers.

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Somewhere, right now, a kid that looks like Logan is fighting a dinosaur in the Savage Land. That makes us feel all warm and fuzzy and a tiny bit terrified inside. Marc spent six years on the frontlines as a comic retailer before…. Viper First appearance: Captain America vol. Native First appearance: Wolverine Vol.

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Written by Marc Buxton. from Marc Buxton.

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The new issue of X-Men strongly suggests a sexual relationship between two of the team's most prominent mutants, Cyclops and Wolverine.


Wolverine is the best at what he does, but what he does is


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