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The lot is vacant and papered with no trespassing s. There used to be a house there. But, for whatever reason, they refused to sell. The area could eventually house a massive plant where North Slope natural gas would be processed and then exported. On some of the land, the companies tore down the houses.


More specifically, the school accepts the following responsibilities:.

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Recognizing that the school reflects the community, the school staff believes that working cooperatively and effectively with the community will build understanding and mutual respect. The community will be invited to take part in decision-making and planning.

Students, parents, and community members who would like to change or enact a policy are encouraged to talk with staff members and attend Site Council meetings where policies and practices are discussed. A close working relationship between the school and community is encouraged.

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Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, organization, and communication between home and school. Central Peninsula Sports Center. Students may not drive other students to these activities. For travel further than 25 miles, students may not drive under any circumstances.

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Refund Policy. Full refund will be awarded before scheduled events begin. Administration will make decisions on refund policy for injured athletes and other circumstances that may need a refund. Waiver Forms. Waivers can be awarded to students with specific needs provided the Federal Lunch Program worksheet has been completed and returned to the school, and a Request of Waiver has also been completed and turned into the coach or office.

It is the responsibility of the student to get all necessary paperwork turned in prior to the beginning of the season. Students receiving waivers will be allowed a payment plan to meet the obligation of the program fee. The fees must be paid in full prior to the conclusion of the season, and at least one payment must be received before travel can take place.

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During any special program or activity, special effort should be given to display courtesy and respect. Discourtesy on the part of even one student reflects the entire student body, school, and community.

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During assemblies in the gym or the auditorium, students and teachers are expected to sit with their ased classes. Any misbehavior on the part of students will result in the usual consequences of the school.

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Also, misbehaving students will lose the opportunity of attending assemblies. During the times that the public school is in session, all students up to age 16 are required by law to attend school regularly and to be on time for classes. Students who have perfect attendance will be honored by the school each quarter with a certificate and perfect attendance celebration. The attendance office must be notified by a telephone call on the day of the absence. If a phone is not available, the student must provide a note upon returning to school.

Students will receive consequences if a phone call or note is not given to the school within a day after the student returns to school. Students who will be absent for an extended period of time shall have a parent call or provide a note before they leave, and the student will complete a prearranged absence form.

Nikiski students look back with fondness as they cross the finish line

The following protocol will be utilized to address student absences for each student per semester: District Policy. Students have one day for each day absent to make up missed work up to 5 days beginning on the day the student returned to school. Students missing more than 5 days have no more than a total 5 days to make up the work. Make-up work will be done outside of the regular class period so that the student will not get behind in his present class responsibilities. Students will be expected to make up quizzes and tests on the day they return to class provided they were aware of the test or quiz.

Work for a pre-arranged absence is due upon return to class. Students will be expected to make up quizzes and tests on the day they return to class. Tardies Prompt attendance in class is very important and limits classroom disruptions. Therefore, unexcused tardies will not be tolerated and the tardy policy in the discipline guidelines should be reviewed by every student. Please remember that it is the responsibility of the student to ask for a pass or note to have the tardy excused. We should all make a special effort to keep these facilities in good condition.

Any vandalism will be reported to the state troopers. The building is open in the morning by a. If you need to be in the building before a. Students remaining in the building at the end of the school day must have permission from the administration or be under the supervision of a staff member. Students who remain in the building after PM will be asked to leave.

Further violations will result in possible disciplinary actions for insubordination. During the school day the only visitors allowed on campus are those people with official business, volunteers, parents and legal guardians. All visitors must check in at the front desk to apply for a visitor pass.

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The pass will be issued upon approval of the administration. At no time will a student aged visitor be allowed on campus during the school day unless participating in a school sponsored event or ly approved by administration.

An exception to this rule is at lunch time. Students are allowed to use their cell phones when the lunch bell rings, but again are required to turn them off and place them in their lockers at the conclusion of lunch. If a teacher notices a cell phone that goes off in class, it will be confiscated.

The student may pick up the cell phone in the office at the end of the day.

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In regards to state testing, it is imperative that students do not bring cell phones to a testing location. During these testing days, please make sure cell phones are off and remain in the locker or given to the proctor to be held until the conclusion of testing for the day. If, after a conference with the principal, your request to withdraw is approved, you will receive a checkout slip to be ed by all your teachers, and the school nurse. When the slip is properly completed, return it to the office. Failure on the part of a student to check out properly shows lack of consideration for the faculty and disregard for school property.

You are responsible for cleaning your individual dining area. No food or drink is allowed in the carpeted areas of the school. The snack machines and pop machines are to be used during lunch periods and passing periods. Chairs, not the tabletops, are to be used for sitting. The following rules apply:. All grades and asments are updated once a week.

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At their discretion, teachers may send home updates to solicit a parent ature and to keep parents informed. Students that are found in the hallway without an approved pass will be asked to return to class. A student may be written up for not using the correct pass. Aide passes will be issued to students that are teacher aides. These must be turned in at the end of each semester. Students found abusing aide pass privileges will be prohibited from being an aide in the future. These behaviors include:. All students are expected to adhere to the highest standards of personal honesty in their work.

Work that is presented for credit in all classes must be original. Academic Honesty violations include: Copying homework or allowing homework to be copied. Allowing another person to look at a test or quiz.

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Plagiarism Taking papers from the Internet, other publications, or other students without proper citation. Working on an asment that was meant to be done individually.

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Students should consider all work individual unless otherwise specified by the teacher. Level one violations will be dealt with by the teacher in the classroom but documented with the assistant principal. The teacher will write up an intervention slip for the office.

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Level two violations are considered severe and will be dealt with by the teacher with administrative direction provided.

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Friendship was on the mind of many Nikiski High School graduates Wednesday night as they prepared to accept their diplomas and cross into the next phase of their lives.