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Welcome to the Hawthorne Academy. We are sorry you had to be removed from your families and homes, but it had to be done. You were chosen by your dragon because of the incredible power that is beginning to awaken inside you. The brothers that brought you here are never wrong and we must always trust their judgement. If you could please fill out the application below, we can begin to get you settled in, and begin your training.

Do not re-post anything in parenthesis Name: Gender: Age: Students-Between 11 and 19 teachers and up Character description: Make it as long and detailed as possible. This includes both physical and personality traits. Please list abilities as well as weaknesses. Nobody is perfect! Dragon name: Dragon description: both personality and physical Dragon type: Earth, air, fire, water.

This will also determine what ability you hold, and who teaches you and your dragon. Background: Your family, home life, and how you and your dragon spent Naked wives Jasenegg together in the days before arriving at the academy. You will find, by speaking to other students, that you all have the same general back story.

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A few days before your arrival here at Hawthorne, the brothers arrived at your home. They are always dressed in Black hooded robes with silver des. They keep their hoods up and you never see their faces. They presented you a dragons egg, and when you touched it, it hatched and out came a baby dragon. When the dragon hatched a mental bond was formed between the two of you, and you could communicate.

You must still teach your dragon words and their meanings, but by sharing your thoughts they may pick up on them very quickly. You were then escorted here. We have a few rules here at the academy, for the general safety of our students.

They are as follows: 1 No power playing. Everyone has a weakness 2 Proper grammar. Everyone makes a mistake every now and again but plz no tlkin lke dis k? No one liners or single words. We hope you will enjoy your time here at Hawthorne, and you come to think of this as your home. Please pay no mind to the rumors of a rider rebellion.

We can assure you there is no such thing and you are all quite safe. Good luck. She has straight red hair, about waist level and green eyes. She is hetrong and knows what she wants, but doesn't believe in her abilities.

She would prefer to stick to the things she knows she can do, rather than attempt something new and fail.

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Dragon name: Blaze Dragon description: Blaze is a red dragon with a strong sense of justice. He places loyalty and honor above all else.

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He has a strong attachment to Scarlett, and would place himself between her and anything that would do her harm. He knows he is strong both physically and with his powers but he sometimes sacrifices too much for too little.

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Dragon type:Fire Background: Scarlett is a princess who was set to marry against her will. On the night of her engagement party she was brought her egg. Blaze hatched and she could feel the immediate connection. She left behind her father and twin sister. They journeyed for two days, and over those days, Blaze learned many words, and practiced hunting. This looks like an awesome roleplay.

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Yay I can reply now! I am experienced - new site, however. Never fear! Name: Thalia Monaklyn Gender: Female Age: 14 Character description: She has short black hair and fair complexion, with electric blue eyes. She loves being in the air - she finds it exhilarating, empowering, and fun.

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She is deathly afraid of suffocation earth and is claustrophobic. She is tiny about 90 pounds and fights with agility. Dragon name: Antarix Dragon description: This dragon is sleek and cat-like, with more of a flattened head. He is pure black with piercing blue eyes like Thalia and is good-humored. He will put up with small children and is fiercely loyal. He has a large wing span for his size a little smaller than normal dragons and two flukes on either side his tail.

Basically, think Toothless but with blue eyes. He is never seen and storms seem to follow him. He is about the age of Thalia Naked wives Jasenegg dragon years. Background: Thalia was abandoned as a small child and left to her kind uncle. However, the uncle was called away to war and never returned, pd dead. Thalia was raised by the housemaiden a very strict lady and forced to be 'feminine and ladylike' when all she really wanted to do was go play in the creek.

One day she finished her studies early and went down to the little river. Upon some more extensive exploration, she found a cave. Some noise was coming from inside and she nearly followed it but a very young Antarix stepped in her way, scaring her out of her wits. The dragon was clearly injured, though, and malnourished. He collapsed soon after. I wanna start RPing soon Is it alright if Thalia has the ability to call lightning from the sky? Also I would suggest editing your title - it's spelled Academy, not Acadamy.

Sounds good! From the general story line though, it is assumed that most of the dragons will be only a few days old by the time they arrive at the academy.

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It's fine if you want to veer from the general back story, but if you could just let me know about what age you want Antarix to be, just for better clarity, then i would gladly have you up! Teachers can be past the age limit you gave, right? I can't imagine a teacher being XD yep, sorry, should have specified!

It's just not obvious on him. Mathieu's eyes are deep green and his auburn hair is combed forward in a neat, businessman-like fashion. A little bit of stubble is on his chin as if he hasn't shaved for a couple of days and he's normally seen wearing ordinary business suits with a different tie whenever he feels like changing it.

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A little bit of normalcy never hurts in a place where children's' lives are flipped upside-down. Mathieu is a very patient and soft-spoken man, more used to being a follower than making orders. He firmly believes that there is good in every single thing, even when somebody is absolutely cruel to him.

No Naked wives Jasenegg what he sticks to his beliefs and tries to prove them by showing kindness himself. He's always willing to help in any way he can, even if it's just to stop what he's doing to lend a listening ear. However, under extreme circumstances his pacifist nature breaks and he shows the steel that's hidden deep inside. Dragon name: Siaka Dragon description: A little larger than a horse, but certainly not weak in any way. Siaka's bronze scales are as hard as diamonds, maybe even tougher. Her cat-like yellow eyes contrast her dull color, gleaming gold with the right lighting.

She is strong and nimble and has good reflexes from her experiences with Mathieu and the only obvious weakness she has are her wings, which resemble a bird's surprisingly. And Siaka hates being stuck with such a weakness. Although just as calm as her partner, Siaka shows more of a hetrong, fierce personality. She trusts Mathieu with her life, but sometimes would like to see a little more fight out of the man. After all, she knows how skilled he really is at his full potential.

But she still respects his decisions, even if she disagrees with him. Dragon type: Air Background: Mathieu was raised in a wealthy family with a well-off life.

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