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The captain of the football team is always picking on class nerd Jordi, but he barely knew that his girlfriend, a hot sexy cheerleader, was under the desk when he forced the nerd to do homework for him.


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Fuck me hard - bbw and a nerd Posted: bbwclub this. I look in my agenda. I note that I am meeting with a new student Chris at pm. Chris is probably at the student union drinking right now. I take another sip of the coffee in my thermos as I wait for Chris to not show up.

I will certainly need all the caffeine I can get as I learn how to audit the payables cycle. I hear footsteps, and I glance up.

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As I look up I see one of the most beautiful redheaded women I have ever l seen. She approaches the study room I am in.

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Her wavy red hair extends to her shoulders. Her emerald green eyes are looking directly at me. She is wearing a black leather jacket, and matching leather pants, and boots. She is holding a motorcycle helmet in her left hand, and she is wearing a backpack. Some guys like thin women, and good for them.

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Maybe I am just wired differently. I just prefer women who are bigger.

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As icing on the cake, she also has a pierced lip, and crimson lipstick. She is both fierce and beautiful at the same time.

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I sigh to myself and think why I am never lucky enough to tutor a really hot student like this. I am looking for someone named Chris, who is probably some dude who is already drunk off his ass. While I am here looking at sampling techniques to use when reviewing s payable.

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I admire Chris, he must know how to enjoy himself. He is smart enough not to be here. She extends a hand.

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I am 30 minutes late. I forgot about our appointment until I was at an intersection and felt my cell phone buzz reminding me of my appointment. I got here as soon as I could," Christina explained. I could literally stare into those eyes for eternity. This is a bit difficult considering that I am a huge nerd.

I sense she can see right through me. Are you in another business program? I would never be able to stand the boredom.

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I am in the small engines program," Christina replies. The image of her unzipping her leather makes my heart palpitate. However my brain immediately tells me that would not be a good idea considering I just met her. And she looks like she could easily kick my ass. We sit for the next hour and go over her asment. At the end she thanks me. I ask her for her. I must have been blushing. I see a smile on her face again. She laughs. I am still a beet red color. She shakes her head.

She sighs. And the tutoring coordinator immediately thought of your name," she responded. And, you certainly know a lot. You are a walking encyclopedia. By the way your cheeks are as red as my Ducati. I walked home after that encounter. Take a risk? Is she wanting me to ask her out? Why would someone as hot as her want to be with someone like me? She could probably have any guy in a second. Is she just trying to just express some form of platitude like life is too short?

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Well I have another four sessions with her. Why on Earth did she ask me to tutor her? Why on Earth is she even studying ing? What does she want? I end up tossing and turning that night thinking about her. Thinking of her racing through the night at high speeds on her Ducati.

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I decided to have a few allergy pills to help put me to sleep. The next day when I am walking back to college, I hear the sound of a motorcycle. I look over to my right and see her red Ducati as she speeds along to school. She briefly looks over at me as she races along. I arrive at school and walk into my first class.

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The Canadian Income Tax Act is literally as thick as a major city phonebook. It is long and complicated. It is the product of years of parliamentary debate, and reactions to court decisions. Yet I still find it simpler and more understandable than things like love, attraction, and sex. Using the Income Tax Act, I can calculate with absolute certainty of the value of the adjusted cost basis of a piece of real property, and the taxable capital gains on said property, as well as the marginal tax owing on the disposition of the property. I cannot with a high degree of certainty how a woman will react to my advances.

So I retreat to the solitude of the library. Sex is another matter. I have read various biology books, so I understand academically the process involved with sex.

Fuck me hard - bbw and a nerd

I have read about various positions in the Karma Sutra. However I question how on Earth I would actually I should likely be paying attention to the professor, but I am not. I leave the class, and happen to walk through the tech section on my way to my Financial Administration course.

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I happen to see Christina in the hallway. She seemed to be wearing crimson lipstick. She motioned for me to walk with her down the hall. Christina looked at me and said, "how about we meet in the cafeteria at pm. I have a three hour class, and I am starving by the end. We meet at pm in the cafeteria.

She gets a bacon double cheeseburger and fries. She asked me if I wanted anything, and I remarked that I had lunch before. I start blushing Christina looks directly into my eyes, smiles, and says, "you will have to find that out for yourself. Do you play poker? You have a tendency to blush when you get flustered. But it is a huge tell. You would lose your shirt to me," she remarks.

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I think. I struggle to form words. How do I say this?

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