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in with Facebook in options. Goodre. Quotes tagged as "open-mindedness" Showing of Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in. It doesn't work if it is not open.


That celebratory feeling should be plenty enough incentive to keep an open mind and constantly seek the truth.

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Because feeling wrong sucks even more than feeling right rocks. And extracting untruths from our brains feels like a root canal, especially when they have time to fester. Luckily, wis-dumb can be effectively treated by applying these best practices for keeping an open mind. Every possible belief, no matter how big or weirdly-shaped, can fit in and out of its doors.

But then the automatic door-closing mechanism kicks in. And the doors keep closing.

Be right more often

By adulthood, only small beliefs can squeeze through the narrow remaining gap. Regular presses stop the momentum. And active application can even slowly open it back up again. Because once you identify yourself as a believer in anything—a religion, aliens, Justin Bieber—it becomes a part of you. Admitting mistakes is hard and making excuses is easy.

No wonder the lazy egos in our brains default to the latter. A small ego-protecting excuse is no big deal, anyway. The problems start when these little self-justifications pile on top of each other. In no time, we can find ourselves believing in crazy shit.

Your mental elevator

Will Andrews is an otherwise sane guy who believes he was abducted by aliens and has two alien children. His delusion started with a dream. About 5 percent of people experience something similar. Instead, he sought out evidence to confirm his brain is flawless and his hallucinations were real. And evidence always turns up if you look hard enough, especially if you go looking on the internet. He did too.

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They blamed the aliens. So he did too. To avoid becoming a Silly Willy, stop making excuses to justify your mistakes. The earlier the better.

Open mind quotes

Easier said than done, I know. Try the following in the meanwhile:. Got Netflix? Watch The Pusha 1-hour special that tests how far real people will go—even murder—to avoid admitting mistakes. And when we learn something additional, we go from slightly less wrong to slightly less wrong than that, and then to even less wrong than that, and so on.

Open mindedness quotes

We are always in the process of approaching truth and perfection without actually ever reaching truth or perfection. You can think whatever you want.

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Just be careful about knowing it. Rarely is anything black and white or right and wrong. Start the dial to wherever your strength of belief is at and, when evidence comes in favor or against a belief, move the dial a bit in that direction. Be careful about pushing the dial close to or 0. For example, I believe nobody has ever been abducted by aliens. Put one of your cherished beliefs on a dial and come up with evidence that would make you turn it down.

Find someone to help you, which brings us the next mind-opening practice…. Most of us are cowards when it comes to our beliefs.

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Be like a champion boxer and seek increasingly skilled challengers in your weight class instead. De-motivational speakersas I like to call them.

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Seek conversation partners. A collaborative approach will help you and your partner keep an open mind. Could you use a mind-opening self-therapy session?

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Watch me give one to myself and consider doing the same:. In our related post on how to open your mind a bit extra today we shared some quick and practical mind-opening exercises. You have to make it a routine for it to be effective. So bookmark that and go back to it regularly to repeat the exercises. And good for our view stats. So meditate, whack some golf balls at the range, take a nap, do some yoga, go for a walk in nature, or do whatever works for you. They disintegrate your sense of ego and open your mind to make connections as shown in the image above.

In terms of the elevator analogy, they temporarily blow the doors wide open like they were when you were a little. In one Johns Hopkins studya single high dose of psilocybin caused nearly 60 percent of the participants to remain measurably more open-minded a year later.

If anything, their open-mindedness decreases over time. Given how powerful psychedelics are and especially given their illegality in most parts of the world, use them with care. Dropping acid at a Grateful Dead concert of doing shrooms at an EDM festival is unlikely to have your desired long-term mind-opening effects.

For optimal mind-opening benefits and to minimize the risk of bad trips and bad product, enlist an expert guide.

How to keep an open mind (and fend off “wis-dumb”): 11 tips

And travel protects us against the danger of sticking to a single story, which author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie warns us of in her mind-opening TEDTalk:. Taking on a new hobby is a longer-term version of the act your way to a new way of thinking strategy we wrote about in our post on quick mind-opening exercises.

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For Kim and me, hobbies have included wine tasting and beach volleyball in Cape Towncoffee and Spanish in Medellinand mushroom foraging and photography in Canada. Kim would love my next hobby to be cooking, but I believe I dislike cooking at about 93 out of The monetary investment and class schedule motivate you to keep at it and you get the extra mind-opening benefit of meeting new people. But be careful about where you focus your attention. Seek information rather than receive and react to it. For instance, you may want to consider quitting the news.

An open mind: the super powers of diversity and inclusion

You need that finger, and the arm attached to it, to do other things. The trick is finding the right balance between improving the accuracy of your beliefs and being efficient and effective with the ones you already have. And show others how to do the same. Disclosure: Whenever possible, we use links that earn us a cut if you pay for stuff we recommend. Read our affiliate policy here. Kim and Chris are fighting the status quo to win at life, then sharing their best tactics on The Unconventional Route.

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Your Mental Elevator Imagine your mind as a giant elevator. Challenge yourself. Independent Thinking. Thinking and Learning. Be Your Best. What do you think?

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It used to be even easier to maintain these so-called bubbles, before the era of mobility and technology we live in.