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This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. Terms apply to the offers listed on this. For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this. Does common sense go out the window when people get on an airplane? There is a place where these passengers can be held up for Internet ridicule. The former flight attendant, who goes by SK, explains how after years of witnessing passengers engage in ridiculous behavior — such as inflight grooming at your seat — she would jot down what she saw in a journal.

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After her colleagues encouraged her to share what she saw with the rest of the world, she created what became this viral social media. Anyone can submit a photo or video to thebut remember that Passenger Shaming is a place to highlight unacceptable behaviorsnot to body-shame people. Tune into this episode above, or wherever you get your podcasts. Apple Podcasts.

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Google Podcasts. Brian Kelly: Welcome to this episode of Talking Points. However, airport behavior and flight behavior seems to be getting worse, and the reason why I know this is because of an Instagram I follow that pretty much confirms it.

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Passenger Shaming is one of the fastest growing aviation Instagram s out there and it covers all bad behaviors of passengers. Shawn, SK going forward. SK, thank you for ing us. So you used to be a flight attendant. Shawn Kathleen: I was for seven years, but prior to that, I was a police officer and a paramedic. Shawn Kathleen: I have. In my experience. Shawn Kathleen: Respect, OK. So there was that, right?

Do you believe that flight attendants are overusing their power? Because, from a passenger perspective, you know flight attendants kind of have this reputation, on certain airlines specifically, of being mean and passengers are getting in the way of their job. Do you feel that that is prevalent out there or is that more of the outlier? Brian Kelly: When you start a flight are you normally like OK, in a good mood until people just start pushing your buttons?

And is it every flight that someone pushes a button or …?

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Shawn Kathleen: Yes and yes. I did this for about seven years. Shawn Kathleen: Oh no, no. Well, fatigue it amplifies everything, which is a thing. Although the FAA does regulate that, you know, that to a point. Shawn Kathleen: Yeah, exactly. Brian Kelly: And I sit at the gate so often and see people berate gate agents as well for the weather or —.

Brian Kelly: — You know, and gate agents are paid even less than flight attendants. They really deal with the brunt of that like consumer backlash. Shawn Kathleen: Oh yeah, yeah. And the same thing with flight attendants, like how am I responsible for a thunderstorm? Brian Kelly: Why did you start Passenger Shaming? And was it Instagram at first, or it was a Facebookright? Essentially, I would be flying and I would be getting the craziest … like just the crazy questions everything that you know Passenger Shaming to be would be …. Shawn Kathleen: Oh no, Brian, I was on the plane.

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I was on the plane with an actual journal and a pen. I know people find that hard to believe, you know like not electronic devices, like I actually had a pen and a journal, old school. Shawn Kathleen: Yeah, it was for the most part, but there were a ificant amount of frequent flyers. So it did pretty well and I purchased a domain and then that was going great. But I even blacked out my wings like it was a whole thing I was very … I adhered it perfectly. Shawn Kathleen: So it was essentially me writing about all the experiences. The only thing I changed was the details like where ….

Shawn Kathleen: Exactly.

Shawn Kathleen: I did see consistent growth. Shawn Kathleen: No, this was when I was … after I was a flight attendant. I apologize. So I was working just a regular job outside of being a … once I had left being a flight attendant because I did lose my job due to the social media. Brian Kelly: Interesting.

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Shawn Kathleen: Oh, I was so done with it but I really wanted to get my job back so that I could quit. Spend thousands of dollars to get it? I did actually see an attorney. Shawn Kathleen: And again, I was on my way out. I mean, actually, I did it seven years. I was on my way out at probably year two and a half. Brian Kelly: OK. So Passenger Shaming takes off and it just consistently starts growing.

At what point did you know like, oh wow, this is a thing? Do you get a lot of fake stuff?

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Do you have to like vet? Is this real? Has this been doctored, etc.? Shawn Kathleen: I definitely can vet it to the point where I can vet it. Can you take it down? The only other one where somebody reached out was somebody who thought it was hysterical because her sister found it and she was cute, like a young girl like in her early 20s.

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Shawn Kathleen: Yeah, right? Like, oh my god, like please. Brian Kelly: So how many do you post a day now? Is it just as many good ones as you get or do you now plan out content.

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Shawn Kathleen: Right, right. I let the content direct me. So it obviously struck a chord. Shawn Kathleen: You know what?

Now keep in mind —. It was grim. Shawn Kathleen: It was really grim. Shawn Kathleen: Mm-hmm affirmativeyeah absolutely. So not based on weight, appearance, anything in that nature, and I can promise you, I get those pictures a lot. Yeah, so this is behaviors only and look. And if you want to be an asshole on an airplane, then maybe you can be on Passenger Shaming.

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