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Good product, but not quite what I expected. Product works very well and is of great quality for a fun toy. However, the product is larger than expected can be conspicuous and, on the higher vibrations, pretty loud which can be some what embarrassing.


She also carries around a blue plushiewhich is MR. She was shown to wear various types of outfits as but often had a pink bow in her hair. As an older teenager, she is seen wearing a bright-blue handkerchief tied into a bow, white and yellow varsity jacket, a crop top and mini skirt, and wields a nail bat.

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Despite this, she becomes sad and worried quite easy, such as being the most anxious when BASIL goes missing. Often she is clumsy, resulting in yelling from KEL, who she always fights with.

Friends: 7 things the trailer reveals about the reunion

She is also shown to be very emotional at times when something bad happens but still retains her happy lucky-go attitude. Feeling burdened by a sense of loneliness given both, the death of her best friend, as well as the lack of support between her and her friends. She's cold and hostile to her old friends at first, not afraid to fight them. Even so, she's trying to find peace by praying.

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She lived with her parents at their housethough it is suggested that they may have lived in squalor. The 6 friends made many memories together, such as playing cards in the treehouse together, visiting the beach, picnicking, playing the rain, and attending BASIL's birthday party.

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It was supposed to be that night, but when they came home in the evening, they found out that MARI had died, believing that she hung herself. She was so angry at how life kept moving on and felt like everyone abandoned her and MARI. He seemed kind of uneasy about it at first but after she begged him, he agreed. When they got to his room, she tried to talk to him, but he said he had to go to the bathroom and ran off. When she opened it, she had found some of the photographs scribbled with marker, and assumed it was BASIL's doing.

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And eventually she wasn't the only one calling him names. Ever since then, she was trying to cut herself off from everyone. She also started attending church sermons regularly, hoping to find peace of mind. She wants to keep distance from them. The fight ends as the church attendants around them gossip about her history, which causes an tearful AUBREY to run off. Even though she acts cold to her old friends and tries to distance herself, she always cared about them, washing off the black marker on the photos of them together until it was spotless. A fight ensues, and it doesn't matter if the player wins or loses.

Either way, KEL tells AUBREY that even though she spends more time with her new friends, she still comes over to the old hangout spot, meaning she still cares about her old friends.

AUBREY then has a emotional breakdown, angrily questioning her old friends why do they keep coming back into her life. It's implied she's angry about the photographs when she's yelling at BASIL, thinking he had covered them in black marker. All the delinquents are outside her house and are genuinely worried about her. The party enters her unlocked door to discover trash scattered everywhere and her mother unresponsive and fixated in front of the TV. They climb the ladder up to her room and she gets angry, but HERO finally gets her to talk, have a heart-to-heart and makes up with everyone, and leading her to apologize being 'such a jerk'.

They find the missing photos, which all picture MARI, on her corkboard, and she says she took them because "it's all she has left of her. For the rest of the day she hangs out with everyone, reminiscing at some spots in town, and then they go see their old treehouse. She leaves her pink pinwheel in the stump of the tree where MARI was found and starts being open with everyone about her feelings.

She apologizes for blaming them for not being there and starts to come to terms with the past. Then they go to BASIL's house and, even though he won't open his door or talk to anyone, she apologizes sincerely to him. They all sleep over in the living room. Even so, they care about each other as childhood friends. Eventually she makes amends with him on the final day.

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KEL apologizes for being "a crappy friend" and promises to always be there for her. He apologizes for not taking care of everyone and not being there for her, promising he will be in the future. When he eventually complied, she found his photo album.

It is also shown that KIM worries for her whenever she feels upset, often trying to understand why she feels down at times. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. In Don't have an ? Start a Wiki. This article contains spoilers about important plot details. We were hoping that you'd come by soon! Wanna play cards with us?

Sunny, Mari, Hero, and Kel meet Aubrey for the first time. Aubrey introduces Basil to the rest of the group. Aubrey and her friends staring up at the sky together. Hero and Mari wash the dishes as the others mess around.

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Omori's friends greet him during the third visit. So juicy! Maybe someone should tell her.

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MARI wanted to take a picture of everyone. Say cheese! I'm getting kind of sleepy myself.

I thought my friends forgot, but they all surprised me with a strawberry cake. I feel so lucky This year is looking to be a good year! This was a little after I opened all my presents! MARI bought me this photo album, and everyone else bought me film for my camera. I'll try my best to use it all.

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It's getting warmer lately so we're about to go to the park. KEL says there's a secret lake area behind some bushes, so we're all going to check it out! He has so many, and they're all so soft! I wish I could just lay here forever. We're having a picnic with MARI at our secret lake spot.

MARI wanted to take pictures of everyone! Something unfortunate happened when I was taking the photo. I'll have to cover it up with tape later. Everyone thinks a flower crown really suits me. Maybe just a flower is okay. The rain always seems to come out of nowhere during springtime. It's her favorite color, pink! He says he likes how the rain tastes. Mine was banana It tasted okay.

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He's all tired out from swimming.

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HBO Max have released the first trailer for the highly anticipated reunion, which will see all six principal cast members return.


Good product, but not quite what I expected.