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Eat out. My technique i am a female and have used this on many females and it always gets them to orgasm start kissing her softly then turn it into a make out session but again move slowly, you are trying to build her up and get her wet. SUzy : omg Jacky ate me out last night and i was screaming her name because of the pleasure she made me feel. Lacy : damn she can "Eat out" my pussy anytime. May 26 Word of the Day. The full song can be found on all music streaming services and YouTube.

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The term "bi wife energy" can be used for people of all genders, regardless of relationship status, although "bi husband energy" has also been used in several videos across Tik Tok. The one that radiates bi wife energy? Eat Out. Start off by taking the girl to a bed.

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Now start kissing her mouth while holding her waist. Slide your mouth down to her breasts your hands to her ass. Now separate her legs.

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Do NOT touch her pussy at all yet. Trace the inside of her thighs with your tongue or fingertips. She is probably wanting you to start and is begging you. Now place both hands on her boobies. You don't need your hands right now. Separate her pussy lips with your tongue and place your mouth over the opening to her cunt and kiss her like you would on her mouth. Now gently press your tongue down into her cunt.

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Pull your tongue out and lick around but not on her clit. Slide your hands from her boobs down to her pussy. Be prepared to keep her legs in place. Quickly stick your tongue inside her pussy hole and out. Now do this again but this time very slowly and deeper.

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She might move her legs and start to scream so keep her legs in place. Wiggle your tongue in there for a bit and take it out. She will be gasping for breath right now so do this one last time but quicker and less deep. Now make your mouth into the shape of an "O" overtop of her clit and suck on it while rubbing her nipples and tits.

Now slide your tongue from the back of pussy to the front of it and travel to her boobs. This tells her that you are done. If this is your first time with your girl you should do this cuz. Example of Eat Out: Girl 1 : Yesterday was the best night of my life!

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Girl 2: Why what happened? Girl 1: Well at first he just undressed me and started kissing and licking me. Girl 2: Even-- Girl 1: Nooo. I was about to just shove his head there.

But when he did start it was sooo good. He did this thing where he stuck his tongue in me. The first time I didnt expect it but it was real good. The second time i couldnt stop screaming cuz it was so good. Girl 2: Your so lucky! All my boyfriend does is lick me and play with my boobs. I wish he could eat me out like Jake did to you. To go to a restaurant for a delicious meal.

Get your mind out of the gutteryou pervs! We like to eat out at Swiss Chalet on occasion.

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To preform in oral sex on a girl. This is used for sexual pleasure and could be preformed on a girl by a boy or a girl. A boy or girl can lick the inside and, grantedoutside of a girl's vagina while she moans and screams in pleasure. Jane and her boyfriend Joey had oral sex last night. Joey would lick the inside of her pussy so hard, fast, and long she demanded that his dick was in her vagina that instant. He refused, trying to get her even more aroused, and continued to eat her out.

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She couldn't resist moaning in pleasure and eventually begged him for more. He kept licking her clitoris and caressed her breasts while doing so. She started screaming out of sheer enjoyment. He decided she was wet enough and shoved his penis into her vagina hard and fast. Joey decided to eat out every night for the rest of their relationship. Lisa's best friend, Courtney, slept over at her house like she did every weekend while they were in high school.

Lisa's parents weren't ever home, so they did pretty much whatever they pleased, like eating ice cream out of the container. But one night, Lisa suggested that she and Courtney have sex, just for fun. They both jumped onto Lisa's parent's bed and stripped down without a word. They threw off the covers and dimmed the lights so it wasn't as embarrasing.

Lisa and Courtney were talking dirtygetting each other pretty horny and making out a lot. Lisa started rubbing Courtney's tits when Courtney demanded that they Lisa obliged and let Courtney go on top. When a girl or guy licks and sucks on your pussy. I personally think that girls are a lot better at this then guys. You start by teasing a girl, kiss her very softly and then pull away and with the tip of your tongue trace her lips this will make her cringe because she knows that is what you are about to do somewhere else.

After this, slowly make your what done her body playing with her boobs and pulling on her nipples with your teeth lick around them and continue to kiss down her. When you get to her pussy go around it kissing very softly and warmly her thighs and with your hands slowly pull them apart again teasing her is very pleasing Finally when you know she can't handle anymore teasing put your lips to her clint and suck on it ever so lightly then lick around when she moans in pleasure you know your doing what she wants then put a finger in her and go in and out hard with just one finger for a while.

When she comes in your mouth pull your fingers out make sure she is all clean.

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As a girl it is so good. May 26 trending 1.

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Watermelon Sugar 2. Ghetto Spread 3. Girls who eat carrots 4. Durk 6. Momala 7. Dog shot 9. Eee-o eleven UrbDic Rush B Cyka Blyat Pimp Nails

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